Donation Information


NDLB could really use your help! We rely heavily on donations to sustain our organization, and being 100% volunteer-based means that your full contribution directly effects our rescue dogs well-being.

If you'd like to make a monetary donation you can with any of the following three options. 

Donate with PayPal   •   Donate on Facebook   •   Donate with GiveMN

If you can't make a monetary donation, that's ok! We ask that you please spread the word and tell all your friends/family how they can help NDLB!

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Not only do we need to raise funds to cover NDLB costs such as vetting, pull fees, and bills, but we also need supplies!  Below is a list of supplies that NDLB is currently in need of.  If you can help by donating any of the items below, please email us at so we can set a time to meet.

You can also find a list of supplies we need on our Amazon Wish Lists to be sent directly to our organization.

Foster Dog Supplies Amazon List   •   Puppy Supplies Amazon List

Supplies Needed:
  • Dog and puppy food
  • Dog kennels (all sizes, preferably metal)
  • Dog beds and blankets (all sizes)
  • E-collars
  • Dog collars and leashes (all sizes)
  • Food & water bowls (including elevated)
  • Stamps & small bubble lined envelopes
  • Frontline and Heartguard (contact NDLB for specifics)
  • Dog shampoo and other hygiene related items
  • Muzzles, leaders and harnesses (all sizes)
  • Dog treats
  • Puppy pads, pens and blankets
  • Puppy toys and teethers
  • Dog toys (all sizes and types)
  • Cleaning supplies - paper towels, carpet spotter, urine remover, laundry soap
  • Gas and gift cards
  • Donations for silent auction items